Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's been a long time, or at least it feels that way...

Hey all!

So as most of you know, I just took my shop off of vacation. I really had so much going on at once that it was getting to me. Orders were piled up since I made the mistake of not putting my shop on vacation when I moved. At my new house, I have a small room where I can keep all my shop stuff and that was a MESS and I couldn't find anything. Plus I have nearly no time to create new items that I have been hoping to make and honestly, I am still not even done making new. Not to mention, I also had things in my personal life that needed to be attended too as well! So this vacation was pretty successful and my shop is completely re-opened with close to 30 new items I offer.

Here are some coupons and deals I am offering!
- Spend $50 and get $5 off use code HOLIDAY (expires Nov 30th)
- Spend $100 and get FREE SHIPPING! (Domestic only) use code WELCOMEBACK (expires Nov 23)
- Buy 4 Oils, get one FREE. Leave in note to seller the one you want for free. (good until Dec 1st)
- Buy 4 candles (any kind) and get a free pack of wax melts. (good until Dec 1st)

Here are some sales in case you missed them on my facebook, which is likely because most people that "like" my page only about 10-20 people catch a post out of the 155, which sucks. So please do add my shop on facebook to your interests so you can see my posts and find out about sales, contests, and so on. Plus when I post questions, don't be afraid to leave feed back to me on things. Most people don't even see my posts and if you do see them... then definitely let me know your thoughts or preferences lol I don't want to hear crickets when I post shit hahah.

I also have an insta gram, I've had it for a while and I do have my personal friends on there but I do accept all requests and I post pictures of my items as well! :) Plus its also a good way to get to know me. Look me up! Sonja_mhw13

So stalk me! Just kidding, don't be creepy. But seriously, feel free to hit me up anywhere, I don't bite.

Okay, moving along...

This is a new Saint Michael the Archangel candle I made. It is slightly different than my usual loaded candles - I loaded it in the middle. It is less likely to flame up! I get different messages from clients that they get scared when it catches fire (the heavily loaded on the top) candles I make. So then I started putting most of the herbs and whatnot on the INSIDE, but I will wasn't that happy with it. So here is an example of how they will be from now on through the middle, UNLESS requested the old way topped with herbs and flowers. ANYWAY, THIS candle is a powerful protection candle and a wonder offering to St Michael. It is multi-colored, loaded with herbs, flowers, essential oils and a little bit of fragrance. I am using the first one made because well, I love St. Michael and work with him almost daily! I get a lot of messages from clients that are having a hard time with others casting bad shit their way and falling ill and full of bad luck. This would be a wonderful candle to protect, defend and comfort you during a time like that.

So with Samhain, Halloween, and Day of the Dead over - I hope you all had awesome holidays. But most of all, do not forget to gut those pumpkins before you throw them out. I don't get rid of my pumpkins until they are completely done & rotten. And if that doesn't happen by the time Christmas & Yule d├ęcor goes up, I pull the seeds out, wash them and use them in my workings for good luck, money & abundance. THESE ARE AMAZING! They work insanely well. I make my own Prosperity oil yearly and place pumpkin seeds in it, among other things and the results are awesome! I highly recommend you do this. I also leave some out for offerings on my altar!

Here is a great link on how to use them:
Pumpkin Seed Magick!

Use the rest of that pumpkin too!
Pumpkin Bread.. Yummm

Here is a picture of the only picture I took over the Holiday. I forgot to snap shots of my bigger altar this year :( My family and I had a Dumb Supper as well, as we do every year. These are just some offerings to the spirits, candles for a working I did as well as a candle dedicated to the returning spirits on Samhain night.

I was stoked because this year I actually had an excuse to dress up for Halloween. We had a party :) I was Moira from American Horror Story season 1 - Murder House. I love her. My husband dressed up as Reagan from the exorcist lol. It was awesome and hilarious all at the same time.

Moving right along,
I used to only offer one type of spell powder. Well, now I offer a variety of different ones. I have a listing for CUSTOM spell powder in my shop. Go here. Spell Powder These are really great because they can be used, burned and sprinkled around inside & outside of your home, on your altar, in your car, shoes, on candles, mixed into oils, in mojo bags, its ridiculous how many ways powders can be used. Give it a try.

Heres is a new item in my shop. A Sage alternative! A ton of people really friggin hate sage, all the smoke, the smell, etc. Sometimes it can get to be a little much, and I get that, been there. Its a bitch smudging when you have little ones in the house and they are saying "what is that smell?" or they are coughing! This is a bit better on all the smoke. Personally, I use both. Both if you will not use sage, try this out. Cleansing Incense
I also have a TON of new oils, plus, more to come! check some out
Here is so pics of my candle making process of Soy candles. Like I said before, I do not use paraffin wax at all. The jar candles I offer are 100% Soy Food Grade Kosher wax.

And there it is! This is a new Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairie Candle. Smells really awesome. The top is also covered in glitter. I am like a little girl with glitter, sorry I am not sorry, love it. You may also request it with no glitter, but that's no fun ;) lol. Highly scented with Plum, Black Cherries, Strawberries, Mandarin, Orange, Black Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, and Eucalyptus. You can purchase it here: Sugar Plum

Okay, who the hell doesn't like wine?! I made these up yesterday. Witches Love WINE

These smell delicious, and no, they don't have the over powering strong wine smell (that I personally love) but others don't. These have a flowery, aged wine smell to them! I used a Soy blend wax for these votives and I really like the way they look, so I will probably be making many more with this type of wax to make new candles and such. This comes as a set (my awesome tile my sister in law got me is not included, sorry witches). But of course I covered these in red glitter and I added of calendula petals to the tarts because I think it gave it a nice harvest look/smell! One or 2 at a time will work just great in your burners.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a lot of tart burners and scentsy burners (the kind that plug into the wall) and I use my wax melts that I make in those and I always get compliments on how good my house smells. I use "spell tarts" in them as well ;) it really is a perfect way to send the aroma and vibe all through your house and being discreet about it! Honestly, everyone always feels so relaxed at my house ALL the time. They are always telling me that the atmosphere is so relaxing and soothing that they are practically falling asleep! Hahah how funny is that?! I guess my family and I are just so used to the calm, positive vibes that my things give off (I use them constantly) that we don't notice it lol.

So, MORE new things I wanted to share: I will also be accepting custom requests for soap & oil ritual sets so feel free to hit me up with your needs! Here is the 2 I made so far:


Okay, so, someone gave me BOXES and BOXES of these candle holders, they can also be used as plant pots (or at least I would). And I figured what the hell and list them, Someone might want to give one of my candles to a family member as a holiday gift so I gave it a go. You can pick from 3 colors and about 50+ Wintery scents. A lot of people really enjoy my soy candles so this is a way to give a gift to others for Christmas at a good price plus they can wipe out the soy after it has finished burning and they can use the holder for whatever they want, like I said, I would use these as a holiday plant holder too. This candle is HUGE and for the price, you cant really beat it! I know I will be giving these out as gifts to my friends and family :)

You can buy them here:
And lastly, I wanted to share my soaps I made so far for the Yule season!
They are scented with peppermint essential oil! Yum, smell like candy canes! :) Purchase here : Yule Soap!
Okay, I think that is all for now!

Thanks for reading, much love to all my loyal clients and friends I have made along the way this past year with my shop <3 You guys are awesome.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hello Loves!

I have been slacking big time on blog posts. I've been kept pretty busy with orders from all you wonderful supporters! Thanks everyone :D Not to mention being a stay at home mommy with my crazy little lady and playing the wife role, etc. I am always in a hundred different places at once.

I recently renovated my shoppe and I will no longer be selling my soap by the bar, only by the loaf - 1lb or 2lb. The reason? I can no longer keep up with the rising shipping prices of supplies for these things that are made to order, plus I am always left with what doesn't sell! I also discontinued a couple of my things which is probably temporary and they will be back at some point but just not too soon. Not to mention - I am running low on herbs and flowers and simply can't keep stock like I used to because I am in between houses once again. (I move A LOT! although it's only about 8 minutes from where I am now) Hopefully, this move will be more permanent that is about to happen. I have no space and I am crammed where I am currently. So theres the reason behind it. ALSO that I really am getting drained of making the same stuff a lot and want to make room for better items! :)

So, anyway - I will be a vendor at The Witches Ball this year on October 12th (rain date Oct 19th). So if you are local at all; PLEASE come meet me! I would love to meet my clients in person :D I will have a lot of unlisted items with me as well as some favorites. I will be there with my husband and most likely dressed up in costume lol. For additional info on location, etc. go here:
For those of you who do not really know me, I am a tattooed mama - I know I have said it before, I love ink and same with my husband; he is moderately heavily tattooed as well :) My left arm has been getting more work done to it the past couple months, I have been waiting forever to get it finished and I finally have an amazing artist to help me create my WITCHY tattoo sleeve. I can not tell you the whole theme of my sleeve but I can tell you guys the start to it... I got a mandrake root on my whole inner forearm - check it out
My artist - Giuseppe D'Alessio. If you are local check out "Under The Gun" tattoo in Sewell, NJ. He is awesome and absolutely brilliant with color.

So why the Mandrake root? Many people don't get it and most think its from Harry Potter lol. Sorry to burst anyones bubble that is a fan of HP, but I have YET to even see those movies, or read the books. I'm not knocking them, but they have nothing to do with why I chose this piece to be a part of my sleeve.

"Mandrake is the common name for members of the plant genus Mandragora, particularly the species Mandragora officinarum, belonging to the nightshades family (Solanaceae). Because mandrake contains deliriant hallucinogenic tropane alkaloids such as atropine, scopolamine, apoatropine, hyoscyamine and the roots sometimes contain bifurcations causing them to resemble human figures, their roots have long been used in magic rituals, today also in contemporary pagan traditions."

As I have mentioned before a bunch of times - I am a Hekate devotee, She is my Goddess of choice to work with in ALL my workings and my EVERYDAY life. The way my life has changed and lessons I have learned; I believe have been with her help, I believe that very strongly. Hekate is known as the Queen of witches as she has the power to alter a persons fate, She also is associated with hidden knowledge plant medicine.

Anyway, back to Mandrake - it is one of the many "toxic" plants sacred to her. And really, mandrake root is a staple to most witches. Many hallucinogenic plants are linked to Hekate including: Belladonna, hemlock, Mandrake and poppies as these can all induce visions. The Yew tree is sacred to this Greek Goddess as it is linked with death and is often found in ancient graveyards.  Other plants associated with this Goddess include aconite, dandelion, garlic, lavender and willow. It is a surprise and I can not share the full detail of my sleeve until it is done but I can tell you that mostly baneful plants will be involved. These plants are so beautiful and often feared because of their toxicity and darkness which kind of a has a deep meaning for me. Which is also a reason why I feel so connected with this certain goddess - dark, feared but amazing all at the same time, just like the plants associated with her. Most of all - I closely associate this with learning to embrace my fear of the darker aspects of life. So its much much deeper to me to get this sleeve than it just being a part of my witchy life style :) and NOTHING to do with harry potter haha!

I believe that is all for now, until next time - Thanks for reading )O( Blessings Light & Dark!

(Chopped my very long hair! Lol for those of you who haven't seen)


Friday, July 5, 2013

Keeping it real.

Good News! I am only 10 more "LIKES" away on my facebook until I do my giveaway, it will be a basket FILLED with things from me and my shoppe!! Please join in and let your friends know by sharing and recommending my page so they have a chance to win also. I will be picking at random!
This is a new item from my shoppe. The Baphomet Novena Candle & Oil.

Before you jump the gun or get turned off by it, read the description, you might get pleasantly surprised by the true meaning of this Pagan Deity.

You can purchase it here.

As you can see, and as I have mentioned before a bunch of times over, my shoppe is versatile because what I put out reflects me, and mine. Most shoppes will dish out mass produced fluff, but you wont find that at the Magickal housewife. You will find it all from body sprays, angel items, tarot readings, soaps, candles, salves and occult items with everything in between. Why? Because I can. There are no set of rules as to what I am allowed to sell in my shoppe or what I am allowed to believe.

Which leads me to another point, Don't ever let someone tell you that you can not be eclectic, have different ways of practice, etc. Whether you want to mix Voodoo, Paganism, Qabalah, Hoodoo, and Christain beliefs THAT IS YOUR CALL and YOUR RIGHT. If you are spiritual, you don't have to answer to anyone. Be TRUE to yourself! Sick and tired of hearing about and seeing the piss on contest between spiritual practitioners and people that are narrow minded, go climb back under your rock. Just because something is right for you, doesn't make it the only way. Who the fuck died and made you Goddess/God anyway?

Speaking of Asshats: This irks the shit out of me and I really wanted to share. Being someone that has some background in the alternative modeling scene, I have noticed MORE than ONE etsy shoppe that uses a picture of a popular fetish model as their default whether its on facebook or etsy, they edit it, put their name on, etc. How is THAT original and honestly, HOW is that legal?! The model and the photographer have these rights to their photos, not you. I find it really weird, not to mention think about what is a shoppe owner hiding that they will not post a clear and apparent photo of themselves? I don't know about anyone else but I have no respect for someone that prides themselves for originality and is STEALING another persons imagine. Lol Keep it Real ;)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What's new: Some new pics of the new, bigger and improved soaps. These are HUGE. Hence the price change! But you are getting DOUBLE the soap you were before :)

My Loved Sally Owens Soap now with an Oatmeal base as well.

Another loved soap of mine, Opium Dreams. Again, these are all double in size!

Newest thing to the shoppe is Sprays. 
Both body safe and room/area spray safe.
Request your scents! 

Sally Owens before I cut it, just made.

Rusalki soap loaf before it is cut.

Another very new addition to the shoppe is washes.
 I have many more to come to the shoppe that I will actually be making tonight! 
This particular one is a purification wash.

Aside from that, I have been super busy catching up on orders because you all have kept me pretty busy since I have re-opened from my shoppes vacation. Thank you so much everyone for your continued support making this all possible, I am honored that you all love my ideas and items so much. I so look forward to creating new items as well as custom items for you! I appreciate it more than you guys know!! Pretty much anything you have on your mind for an item you would like me to create, message me and I will work with you :)

Lastly, this is just a little something I wanted to share with you guys that I thought was cool, this is something that my mom actually found inside of our home. Pretty awesome. Looks super old. Have no idea who these people are but definitely cool. My house is from the 1800's like I have said before so this definitely looks like something that is from that era.

    A coupon that is valid all summer until September 1st in my shoppe: "MagickSummer" for 15% off!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving and pictures

So the shoppe has re-opened even though I said June 1st, I got my computer all set up today and couldn't wait. New things should be in the shoppe by next week. I'm excited to get started on everything!

Moving was a crazy and long process, but all worth it. I am still unpacking my bedroom but things are coming along great!

Home <3 My amazing neighborhood. Back to what I know, back to the sticks this witch goes! :) lol

One of my neighbors, 2 doors down, a pre-civil war cemetery. 

This is where I grew up, some would not be a fan of seeing tomb stones from their kitchen window. We love it, wouldn't change it for the world.

This is actually around the corner, my other neighbor, a second cemetery.

most of my teen years were spent here, hanging out on this swing in the cemetery.

In case some of you don't know, I live & grew up in a 4 story home built in the 1800s in a historic village among the South Jersey Pine Barrens. Don't know what that is? Google "Weird NJ" or "The Jersey Devil" that should be able to shed some light. Lots of ghost stories & creature mythology surrounding my area. My town has a "small town" feel to it, but its not, It is actually pretty big and is known mostly for its lakes, local farmers & forested areas. Really an amazing place to live and a wonderful place to raise a family thats why I am so glad to bring my daughter back here!